Public sector support

Find the support you need, from Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA) registration to getting the most out of Ordnance Survey (OS) data and services

Once your organisation is registered as a member of the PSGA, OS technical information and expertise is available to support you. We can help with everything, from getting started with OS data and services through to advanced specialist geospatial analysis and visualisation. 

PSGA registration and onboarding

We're here to support you with your PSGA membership registration. You'll have an accurate understanding of the steps involved, and know what to expect throughout the process

The PSGA registration process-1000x1000

The registration process

Understand the requirements and process for registering your organisation as a member of the PSGA.

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How do I access geospatial data

Accessing OS geospatial data

The OS Data Hub is our data platform providing you access to our data.

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Ongoing PSGA member support

Our technical support experts are available to help you understand and unlock the benefits of using OS data for your organisation and the services you provide. We also provide access to tools and support online

Questions and answers

Find answers to common questions about the PSGA and becoming a member