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  • Our Data Exploration Licence (DEL) allows you to use OS data for free for 12 months.

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  • Schools, colleges and universities can use OS data in education and research. We support and encourage students and researchers at all levels to use Ordnance Survey mapping data as part of their learning. To help you get the most out of OS data, suitable data licensing terms are available via our Partner, Edina.

  • The Educational Services Provider Contract provides partners (including examination boards and educational publishers) with access to OS premium data to develop products and/or services aimed at schools and/or higher education.

  • Use our EU INSPIRE Licence to facilitate better public access to environmental data in accordance with the European INSPIRE Directive.

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  • The Framework Contract for Direct Customers (FCDC) sets out general terms on which OS licences digital mapping products to direct customers.

  • The Framework Contract for Partners (FCP) sets out the terms and conditions for the commercial relationship between you (our Partners) and Ordnance Survey (OS).

  • We encourage the use of OS maps in the media, across TV, films, print and online. All we ask is that you register for our free Media Licence.

  • As a PSGA member this licence helps you set out relevant terms involved with OS data and helps protect you from liability if the third party breaches the licence.

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  • This public sector innovation licence enables third parties to research and develop innovative ideas and propositions.

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