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3 Dec 2021

30 day map challenge

geodatavizcartographic design
Thirty diverse data-vis from OS each with its own unique story to tell.
1 Dec 2021

Ordnance Survey Open Identifiers Policy enables EPC data release to incorporate UPRNs

Ordnance Survey supports the inclusion of UPRNs in the Department of Levelling Up, Housing & Communities' EPC data release.
25 Nov 2021

Celebrating 70 years of Snowdonia National Park

geodatavizcartographic designcartography
Beautiful new data visualisations of Snowdonia have been produced by OS - here's how it was done.
24 Nov 2021

UPRNs and the property lifecycle

OS Product Manager, Louise Weale, provides insight on how UPRNs can improve address data management, throughout every stage of a property's lifecycle.
23 Nov 2021

Improvements to OS Address APIs – our complete UK address data

APIsOS data
OS Places API will be updated with some enhancements in December 2021.
19 Nov 2021

OS hackathon allows Paua Tech to enrich solutions for electric vehicle drivers

developersdeveloper challenge
UK start up considered the problems of where on different makes and models of EV vehicles charge points connect.
18 Nov 2021

BEIS explores using geospatial data for EV charge point mapping

developersdeveloper challenge
BEIS advanced analytics team used geospatial data to plot EV charge point mapping.
16 Nov 2021

Adopting the UPRN

UPRNland and propertyproptech
OS explains the benefits of UPRNs and breaks down the myths surrounding them.
10 Nov 2021

Geospatial data made simple for web developers

developersdeveloper challenge
Tips from the OGC on how to access geospatial data.
5 Nov 2021

Geospatial data on the web (in the era of REST, JSON and OpenAPI)

Improvements to data standards discussed by the OGC.
2 Nov 2021

OS Map and Hack: a virtual and collaborative learning experience

developersdeveloper challenge
Ada National College for Digital Skills' hackathon team explains its work determining demand for EV charging sites and where to put them.
29 Oct 2021

Rapid prototyping: at-home electric vehicle charging

Ordnance Survey’s Rapid Prototyping Team share their experience of the OS Map & Hack Hackathon, focusing on adoption of electric vehicles.