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Our AddressBase address data is designed to boost your ecommerce conversion rates by making the process of converting much simpler and smoother for the user. You can only access our data for your business through one of our Licensed Partners. Choose one of our Partners below to get started today. And if you’re looking to get started quickly, ask for our new offering, AddressBase Core, which is our entry level, plug and play product in the range.

Choose a partner to start improving your ecommerce conversion rate today


Geomni supply address data and can enrich it with additional attribution such as building characteristics (including age, construction material, use, height and number of floors) and land-use. This information is available as data or as a service to enable you to derive new insights from addresses.


Precisely offers verified and validated address data solutions for map display and analytics. Our geocoding and address dataset options provide flexibility to leverage address data for your specific organizational needs. Precisely’s geocoding and address data solutions combine Ordnance Survey AddressBase records with our unique and persistent identifier for an address, the PreciselyID, making it easier than ever to streamline address data management and enrichment.


Mapcite is an experienced provider of solutions into the banking and insurance markets. It can assist clients extract the most value from their location data, through the provision of software tools for data visualisation and spatial analytics, renovating poor or incomplete data and enriching data with additional content.


Ambiental can provide the licence for any OS AddressBase data set in GB, coupled with our market leading automated data analytics and perils data. Due to the extremely dry weather of late, it’s looking likely that this year we will see high subsidence levels as in 2018. Ambiental has advanced property level subsidence risk data linked to OS AddressBase, along with a wealth of other perils datasets and information.

How to improve ecommerce conversion rate with AddressBase

Within an ecommerce environment, the easier you make it for your website users to convert, the higher your conversion rates will be. AddressBase uses local authority, Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF) address data to create the most reliable, up to date addressing data available, enabling your users to quickly input delivery addresses or sign up information, resulting in more conversions, faster.

Reduce basket abandonment

A huge number of ecommerce customers are lost every day due to basket abandonment, either because they didn't have enough time to complete the process, they didn't understand the process or they didn't have all of the necessary information available to complete the checkout process. AddressBase helps your website users by autofilling addressing information, saving valuable time and increasing the likelihood of a completed transaction.

Boost customer onboarding

Customer onboarding is a long, difficult process which involves multiple touchpoints between business and customer. With all the time spent nurturing a lead, you don’t want to fail at the last hurdle. AddressBase provides your businesses with reliable address data, enabling you to make well informed decisions throughout the customer onboarding process and ensuring that the final stage of onboarding is quicker, easier and more accurate by making it easier for customers to sign up via autofill sign up forms.

Improve user experience

Website user experience demand is growing; users expect to be able to easily navigate your site, find the information they need in multiple formats and complete their objectives with ease. Without good user experience, you could lose customers and revenue. AddressBase creates a way for you to display location data via interactive maps or autofill forms, making for a better user experience and increasing the likelihood of your customers converting.

Our basic classifications – residential or commercial – will reduce the costs and increase the effectiveness of your direct marketing. In customer services, the need for accuracy is paramount. Have confidence in your front-line staff’s ability to look up addresses on a database of millions, quickly and efficiently.


About the product: AddressBase

AddressBase is Ordnance Survey’s addressing product, created in collaboration with GeoPlace and Improvement Service of Scotland. It has four different options available, AddressBase, AddressBase Plus, AddressBase Premium and AddressBase Core, all of which come with varying levels of data, depending on your requirements. AddressBase matches 29 million Royal Mail postal addresses to unique property reference numbers (UPRN), providing in-depth geographic information on each address and making the database easy to search and analyse.

AddressBase offers your customers access to reliable geographical data, allowing them to quickly fill in address details at the checkout, find the nearest store location to them on a map and order products and services with confidence and ease. Increase conversion rates and overall ecommerce revenue with the most extensive addressing database available, ensuring you never miss a sale.

Choose your AddressBase Partner

We work with several Partners who offer AddressBase solutions to improve ecommerce conversion rates and much more. Find out more about how each of our Partners can get you up and running with the most comprehensive address data available.