AddressBase product family

Match millions of Royal Mail postal address to unique property reference numbers (UPRN), bringing a geographical dimension to the connected records

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What is AddressBase?

The AddressBase product family is made up of four products:

  • AddressBase
  • AddressBase Core
  • AddressBase Plus
  • AddressBase Premium

AddressBase products are created by bringing together different address sources:

  • Local Authority Gazetteers for England, Wales and Scotland
  • Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF) data
  • References to Valuation Office Agency (VOA) data
  • Additional addresses and coordinates from Ordnance Survey

This information is managed by GeoPlace under partnership between Local Government Association and Ordnance Survey (OS). Scottish Local Authority address information is supplied under licence between OS and the Improvement Service supported by the Scottish Government. 

AddressBase family features

Unique references

Each address has a Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN), which is the persistent identifier regardless of any changes made to the address to allow ease of data management and exchange of data.

Granular address details

Gain intelligence about an address with an extensive range of attribution at individual property level such as the type of address. Look up addresses on a database of millions, quickly and efficiently.

Geocoded PAF records

Every address geo data record provides Royal Mail address information from PAF, the Unique Delivery Point Reference Number (UDPRN) and X and Y coordinates.

Comparison of AddressBase products

This comparison table highlights the similarities and differences between the AddressBase products

 AddressBaseAddressBase CoreAddressBase PlusAddressBase Premium

Local Authority current address

PAF Address – Royal Mail addresses

PAF UDPRN – Royal Mail’s delivery reference system

Single line address

Simple classification

Advanced classification

Cross-reference with third party datasets

Alternate addresses

Lifecycle data


The AddressBase products

  • AddressBase

    AddressBase matches 29 million Royal Mail postal address to unique property reference numbers, bringing a new dimension to the matched records.

  • AddressBase Core

    AddressBase Core is a simple, accessible addressing data product giving plug and play access to complete, accurate address data.

  • AddressBase Plus

    A dataset containing UPRN, PAF UDPRN, business/residential classification, local authority current addresses and the OS MasterMap TOID.

  • AddressBase Premium

    An addressing gazetteer offering full lifecycle information of a property that can be used within geographical information systems & database systems.

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Support and getting started

AddressBase support

AddressBase product support

Read technical specifications, getting started guides and supporting information for products in the AddressBase family.

AddressBase product support
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