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Everything Happens Somewhere

Everything Happens Somewhere is designed to help you understand the value of geospatial in driving better outcomes.

With fresh content published every week, we’ll showcase organisations all over the world, using geospatial information in sectors including mobility, connectivity and infrastructure.

And we’ll explore why the geospatial sector is growing and enabling new technologies and startups. By 2020 the global geospatial market is predicted to be worth almost half a trillion dollars.  

The importance of geospatial to decision-makers is clear – it underpins and defines the relationships between people, objects and place. And in doing so creates insight so we can predict and model the future more precisely.

So whatever your interest, we think you’ll find useful perspectives from those harnessing the power of geospatial. 

Get involved 

We’re always looking for expert contributors and leading geospatial innovators. Get in touch with us to discuss your ideas by email: