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Current trends in the geospatial data market

Market research suggests the supply-side UK geospatial data market was worth £2.1 billion at the end of 2019.

Geospatial – creating a chain reaction to sustainable economic growth

Trusted authoritative sources of geospatial information are fundamental requirements of a modern state.

How geospatial intelligence is shaping our world

The nations and businesses who successfully provide for their citizens and customers will do so by making informed decisions from trusted data.

Keeping track with future trends - setting the pace for geospatial

What is the increasing role geospatial information will play as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development?

Revealing underground infrastructure with trusted geospatial data will save UK billions

Accidental strikes on underground pipes and cables cost the UK an estimated £1.2 billion per year. The economic cost of these utility strikes, as well as the huge health and safety concern, has been one of the primary drivers in the development of an underground asset register (UAR).

How mapping the pandemic helps international development

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of geospatial tools in many industries and sectors, including healthcare. The techniques used to monitor and mitigate the virus’s spread could mark a watershed moment in the use of geospatial technology in international development.

Smart technology - connecting time and place with geospatial data

Smart nations and cities can be defined in many ways, depending on the technology they exploit. Ultimately, a ‘smart’ region boils down to a simple matrix: the residents’ quality of life is significantly improved, and citizens feel they have high quality, digitised services.

Democratising the use of location

A new breed of geo-tech start-ups are doing for geospatial what smartphones did for photography and democratising the use of location by making it accessible and usable by all.

Why geospatial helps Singapore be a great place to live

The future of geospatial in Singapore, and for the world, is extremely exciting. There are many opportunities for both government and businesses to tap into by harnessing the power of location.