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How geospatial investment helps grow an economy

Learn how geospatial maturity drives economic development that benefits a whole country. At Ordnance Survey we provide an investment roadmap for governments to expand their geospatial capabilities.


Safer roads with anti-collision and detailed mapping

Detailed, up-to-date maps are essential for the management of cities and infrastructure assets. It can also help to highlight collision hotspots and hazards in busy cities, and monitor the utility company assets that keep our electricity and water supplies running.


Geospatial skills are key for improving our built environments – here’s how we get them

Geospatial data skills and technology are integral to modern engineering projects. And are helping identify timely opportunities, mitigation and better understand local and regional context.


How mapping pollution can lead to cleaner air

Testing state-of-the-art monitoring technology to arm the public with street-level information using real-time pollution maps.


Reaching net-zero with tailored energy solutions

Two factors will help us to achieve net-zero carbon emissions – digitalisation and decentralisation. To reach peak efficiency the country needs to make the most of its assets, however small or remote – for which new technologies will be vital.


Scaling sustainability - a decade of start-up success

Applying geospatial to global challenges. Geovation has helped start-ups grow and thrive when tackling environmental, social, technological, economic and political challenges. We take a look back at Geovation's origins...


Smart, flexible electricity for a greener Britain

The energy industry is undergoing rapid change. Alongside increasing decentralisation and digitalisation, rapid deployment of renewable energy sources is driving decarbonisation


Smart cities: a tool, not a destination

A “smart city” is a well-managed city aided by digital technologies with the end goal of improving access to education or creating better transport links.


What’s keeping utilities awake at night?

Utility companies are under pressure. The responsibility of providing life’s essentials - water, electricity and connectivity, is a heavy burden to carry.