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Profile of Miranda Sharp

Miranda Sharp

Innovation Director, Ordnance Survey

As Innovation Director at Ordnance Survey Miranda is passionate about the data which fuels the digital economy, smart infrastructure and business models. Her role connects people, research and ideas; real world problems to solutions and customers to capability.

Recent contributions

Avoiding disaster - are we vulnerable to system failure?

With increasing digitisation, the world is deeply co-dependent and vulnerable to ‘system failures’, yet there are opportunities for improved resilience.

Will autonomous vehicles be lost in translation?

Despite a new cybersecurity standard to ensure all manufacturers of autonomous vehicles protect against cyber-attack, there is no equivalent standard governing the self-driving navigational technologies on which road safety will depend.

Not-spots to hotspots: delivering internet for all

Superfast internet will be the electricity that powers our future connected economy. A connectivity ‘not-spot’ will be the future equivalent to living ‘off the grid’ and will have a similarly stifling effect on social and economic development.