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Profile of Peter Hedlund

Peter Hedlund

International CEO, Ordnance Survey

Peter is responsible for driving Ordnance Survey's international business.

Recent contributions

Why geospatial is driving digital transformation

As one of the basic building blocks for digital transformation, geospatial information is vital for linking unconnected datasets.

Improve environmental monitoring to reach sustainability goals with location data

2021 is a critical year in the global move to tackle climate change, and improving environmental monitoring is key to helping achieve sustainability.


There’s never been a better time to assess geospatial maturity

We need accurate, trusted data to address urbanisation, population growth, migration, climate change and providing for an ageing population. OS offers a free geospatial maturity assessment with an instant snapshot of your geospatial and operational maturity, with a report.

How geospatial investment helps grow an economy

Learn how geospatial maturity drives economic development that benefits a whole country. At Ordnance Survey we provide an investment roadmap for governments to expand their geospatial capabilities.