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Public sector licensing: copyright acknowledgements

A guide to the different public sector Ordnance Survey (OS) copyright acknowledgements.

When using OS data (including derived data), members of the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA) need to include OS acknowledgements.

The acknowledgement you use will depend on the type of OS data being used and medium you are using (paper, PDF, web mapping or data). You must clearly show acknowledgements it in a legible font and in a conspicuous position on any reproductions of OS data.

Using more than one type of OS data

You need to use the highest appropriate level of acknowledgement when using more than one type of OS data. It is your responsibility as a member to ensure that the terms of the Member Licence are being applied correctly.


How to acknowledge OS data

Acknowledgements in paper documents

By paper documents we mean any document that includes a map, whether for internal or external use. This includes, for example, map extracts, reports, information leaflets, decision notices, information/notice boards, etc.

Online documents