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OS Data Hub Error Reporting

Easily report errors and omissions using the Error Reporting tool via the Public Sector Plan

Errors and omissions can now easily be reported via the Error Reporting tool in the OS Data Hub. The Error Reporting tool has replaced TellOS and Greenspace and these reporting platforms have now been decommissioned.

If you haven’t signed up to the OS Data Hub, PSGA members can sign up to the Public Sector Plan. Find out more here.

If the product you are reporting an error for is not listed in the Error Reporting tool please contact us.

When reporting an error in our AddressBase products, you’ll need to associate it to a UPRN and location on the map. You’ll be able to search for up to 30 address locations per day when asked to locate your error.

Which products are not included in the Error Reporting tool?

  • AddressBase Islands is not currently included but will be available in the tool later this year
  • The following commercial products, unavailable through the PSGA are not included:
    • OS MasterMap Imagery Layer
    • OS Terrain 5
    • Points of Interest

How do I report an error?

Watch our video showing you how to use the Error Reporting tool.

Report an error using the following steps:

  • Log-in to your Public Sector Plan account on the OS Data Hub
  • Access ‘Error Reporting’ from your Dashboard using the link at the top of the page
  • Continue using ‘Report incorrect mapping data’
  • Follow the steps for reporting your first issue, you’ll be asked:
    • ‘What is the issue?’
    • ‘Which products does this apply to?’
    • ‘Show us where on the map’
    • ‘Describe the issue’
  • Submit
  • You’ll receive an email confirming that we have received your submission and we’ll stay in touch as we work on resolving the error.