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VisitScotland.com has been given an overhaul as part of a collaboration with the national mapping service, Ordnance Survey (OS).

More than 12 interactive maps have been upgraded which showcase everything from business listings to itineraries and specialist film maps (Outlander, Mary Queen of Scots, Outlaw King).

Using the OS Vector Tile API with the OS MasterMap feature, which is accessed through the OS Data Hub and allows you to select and interact with the individual features, the maps across visitscotland.com are more accurate and more detailed than ever before, including paths, parks and even contour lines for those adventurous visitors planning a trip to the hills or to explore local attractions.

Not only will this give greater accuracy for business locators, but the upgraded maps will also give visitors a greater understanding of the destination so they can plan their visit responsibly.

Access to OS data was made possible via the Geospatial Commission’s Public Sector Geospatial agreement (PGSA), a collaboration to make accurate location data more accessible to public sector organisations, businesses and developers across Scotland, England and Wales, and which provides a better user experience for all web-based mapping applications.

"I’ve always been interested in how we can innovate with map data to support the tourism industry and inspire our visitors with more interactive and detailed maps."

Allan Henderson, UI Development Manager, VisitScotland

Allan Henderson, VisitScotland’s UI Development Manager, said: “Since signing up to the PSGA (formally OSMA) in 2019 my team has been delighted by the sheer enthusiasm, support and quality of the services provided by Ordnance Survey and, in particular, the authoritative data they provide through ready-to-go Vector and Raster Tile Data API. This is part of a huge collaborative opportunity with Ordnance Survey and our public sector partners.

“Our recent Responsible Tourism campaign sought to encourage visitors to respect, protect and enjoy Scotland. Part of that campaign was to encourage visitors to plan ahead and ‘know before you go’, and the updates to the maps will ensure visitors can do that by fully exploring their chosen destination when planning a trip.”

John Kimmance, OS Managing Director for National Mapping Services, said: “This collaboration with VisitScotland reinforces how we strive to deliver real value for our customers and the public sector with trusted and authoritative OS data. The data was provided through the OS Data Hub which makes it easier to find, access and use our data. The innovative use of OS Vector Tile API was enhanced by creating custom style map themes, giving visitors the unique knowledge and experience to explore Scotland’s locations and attractions more freely.”

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