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Our AddressBase address data is designed to improve the efficiency of your logistical operations, providing you with the most reliable address data available to make deliveries faster and more accurate. Choose one of our Partners below to get started today. And if you’re looking to get started quickly, ask for our new offering, AddressBase Core, which is our entry level, plug and play product in the range. 

Choose a partner to start improving your logistics efficiency today

Europa Technologies

Europa Technologies is an expert in the application of Location Intelligence to improve performance, streamline processes and reduce costs. Whether you require hassle-free data supply, a high-performance API or a complete solution, we can help you unlock the value of AddressBase Core for your organisation. Request your free trial today!


We’re the 100% employee-owned company behind Postcoder, an API that provides a fast and reliable way to lookup address information. Postcoder is easy to integrate and provides your organisation with instant access to the latest AddressBase and PAF data. Sign up for a free trial or contact us for details.


Addresscloud provides software services to geocode and describe addresses with rooftop accuracy using high quality data from our market-leading partners. AddressCloud’s highly-scalable, serverless cloud platform and APIs help organisations understand more about their customers and their location to reduce risk and make better decisions.


AFD’s highly experienced teams are specialists in address data, address validation and address cleansing solutions. For over 37 years, we have helped thousands of organisations overcome their challenges by listening to their specific pains and providing the right solutions. From enterprise-level systems validating millions of addresses through to start-ups online checkouts, our solutions are delivering real outcomes by processing billions of requests each year.

How to improve logistics to increase profitability with AddressBase

When your business relies on a fast, efficient and accurate delivery service in order to satisfy your customers, reliable addressing data is paramount. Ordnance Survey uses local authority, Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF) addresses to create the most reliable, up to date addressing data available, ensuring your logistical processes are as efficient and profitable as possible. Download your Addressing Superpower guide.

Reduce failed deliveries

Addressing data inaccuracies are one of the main causes of late, attempted, failed or returned deliveries. Not only is this a huge waste of time for your business, it’s a problem which can cause your business to lose customers and business Partners. AddressBase solves this issue by providing the most up to date and reliable address data available and by making the checkout process easier and more accurate for e-commerce website users.

Reduce delivery costs

Inaccurate addressing data costs the e-retail industry millions of pounds every year. Items getting lost, delivered to the wrong address, arriving late or being returned adds up to a lot of wasted time and resources. AddressBase reduces the amount of lost items or items delivered to the wrong address because of its powerful data matching and cross referencing, ensuring that the right address is used every time.

Make deliveries more efficient

Consumer demand for fast, next day or even same day deliveries is ever growing, so your logistics and delivery processes need to be tight. In order to meet the demand, you need to be making fewer delivery trips, faster. Gain a deeper understanding of address data with AddressBase to help effectively and efficiently plan your day to day logistical decisions and better meet your customers expectations.

About the product: AddressBase

AddressBase is Ordnance Survey’s addressing product, created in collaboration with GeoPlace and Improvement Services of Scotland. It has four different options available, AddressBase, AddressBase Plus, AddressBase Premium and AddressBase Core, all of which come with varying levels of data, depending on your requirements. AddressBase matches 29 million Royal Mail postal addresses to unique property reference numbers (UPRN), providing in-depth geographic information on each address and making the database easy to search and analyse.

AddressBase offers your business confidence in geographical data, enabling staff to manage huge volumes of address data quickly and efficiently, as well as simplifying the buyer journey for your customers. Verify customer data, get a deeper understanding of specific addresses and provide a smoother experience for your customers with AddressBase.

Choose your AddressBase Partner

We work with several Partners who offer AddressBase solutions to improve logistical efficiency and much more. Find out more about how each of our Partners can get you up and running with the most comprehensive address data available.