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Infrastructure asset management

When you have a large asset portfolio it’s essential to know exactly where everything is. Geospatial frameworks give you the location data you need.

Geospatial data can help accelerate your digital transformation programme and squeeze more value out of your assets.

Better use of data can also improve asset performance, both individually and across your entire portfolio. Geo-location provides the framework to connect the asset itself, the people who work with the asset, the services you provide, and ultimately your customers.

Why use location?

Smart use of infrastructure

Infrastructure connects energy, people or communications – and also moves them from one place to another. But sharing space can cause problems. Geo-location can help analyse asset performance to optimise supply and demand to improve the experience for citizens and your customers. For example, rather than expanding the transport network to address traffic congestion, there are other ways of influencing it, such as changing the flow of lanes.

Data integration

By linking disparate datasets (including sensor feeds, 3D models and listed building status) to location, they can all be referenced in a common framework. This can be used to inform the infrastructure lifecycle model throughout its stages – plan, build and operate – to further optimise your asset portfolio.

Running predictive models will give you a better idea of what might happen in the future. You can assess how much time, money and effort is needed to keep the asset running, or optimise it to meet future demands.

Data automation

Machine-to-machine learning techniques can identify patterns that perhaps weren’t visible before. Using geo-location as a framework, you can provide links from assets to the real world, including demographics, technical equipment used, or region.

Digitalising your assets

We can help you create digital twins of asset portfolios that will help connect insight across your network with the real world to provide intelligence and prediction. Optimise your assets to match supply and demand more effectively and enhance maintenance programmes to gain more value from your asset portfolio.

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