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Sustainable land administration consultancy and technology services

Find out how Ordnance Survey can support you in a holistic approach to land administration.

Land tenure, land value, land use and land development are managed within a consistent land policy framework. This holistic approach is vital to secure your nation’s land strategy.

Ordnance Survey can help you bring land governance, land services and land administration all together.

We can help you to become data centric and support social development and economic growth, as you work towards the UN’s Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

A sustainable solution strategy for land administration

We’ve helped governments across the world become data-centric and provide trustworthy services to make them fit for the future, with solutions which are:

  • Flexible – with spatial data capture for varying use and occupation.
  • Interoperable to allow sharing and democratisation of data.
  • Inclusive to cover all tenure and all land.
  • Participatory, both in their approach to data capture and to ensure community support.
  • Affordable for the government to establish and operate, and for society to use.
  • Able to provide reliable information that’s authoritative and up-to-date.
  • Quick to design and deploy and within available resources.
  • Scalable, with technology enabling upgrading over time in response to social and legal needs as well as emerging economic opportunities.
  • Demand-driven by the people, government and stakeholders.
  • Strengthened by local ownership of processes.

Responsible, sustainable land services

Demands on land administration and land management solutions will change substantially over the next decades as pressure on land and land resources intensifies.

A nation that knows and properly manages its natural landscape, built environment, infrastructure, land use and land ownership can plan for its future and mitigate crises before they arise.

Land administration will benefit from adopting the same best practices which have emerged to support web-scale technologies, such as Netflix and Google. The result? More sustainable, more effective and more successful land services.

Why Ordnance Survey?

  • Trusted government agency with evolutionary and data-driven services.
  • Extensive experience of capacity building and operations at scale in a government context.
  • Shares lessons learnt from an enterprise-wide investment programme in people, processes and technology.
  • Ordnance Survey is an international thought leader in land administration and geospatial innovation.

Next steps

To improve the land administration in your nation, Ordnance Survey can provide a maturity assessment that looks at five key areas of land administration and land governance:

  1. Institutional and legal framework 
  2. Data quality and management
  3. Processes for cadastre and land registration, land use planning, property valuation and taxation
  4. Provision of land and geospatial information, including financing
  5. System solutions

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