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Download our report to see how geospatial data can help overcome urban poverty and build fair, prosperous and sustainable cities.

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Geospatial data is the most powerful tool available to governments in supporting sustainable urbanisation.

Reliable and detailed location information can help transform informal settlements into economically active parts of the city. Linking other data-driven initiatives, geospatial information is a critical enabler for nations seeking to support evidence-based policy setting and enable innovative uses of government data to solve problems and provide new services.

Using AI to map African cities to improve infrastructure at low cost

Technology used to map Lusaka, Zambia is replicable in other African cities to upgrade informal settlements and achieve sustainable urban expansion.

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Building a better world with sustainable urban development

Over half of the world’s population now live in cities, with numbers expected to double by 2050. Rapid urbanisation puts pressure on freshwater supplies, sewage systems, the living environment, and public health.

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See how Ordnance Survey can help you make a difference

Location-based data provides a mine of information for Ethiopia

Tapping into international geospatial expertise to support economic growth and ensure a prosperous future.

Namibia improves land management processes to accelerate sustainable economic growth

Namibia is seeking to accelerate sustainable economic growth across the nation by strengthening the way it manages land administration.

Ordnance Survey modernising Rwanda's mapping operations

Rwanda Natural Resources Authority (RNRA) has a national-level responsibility to provide geospatial information.