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See the value of Africa's land

Geospatial data can help you establish land rights to fuel socio-economic growth and achieve a more sustainable and equal nation

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Land accounts for a significant proportion of total financial value worldwide, as gross domestic product and stored in assets.

Providing people with legal land rights can lift them out of poverty by offering collateral for securing loans. This stimulates further economic activity.

Land rights can also support gender equality, fight climate change and improve citizen services.

Many African countries are struggling to cope with the demand for registering land transactions which is intensified by the rapid changing patterns of land use associated with accelerated growth.

There are a variety of land tenure systems currently in use across the African continent, with unique characteristics that bestow specific rights to the holder. Many of these rights are customary and not recognised by the registration law. This means that the current procedures and requirements for mapping don't comply with the needs of most citizens.

For in-depth geospatial insights, download our report 'See the value of your nation's land'.

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