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See a resilient nation

How location data can help safeguard against natural and human threats


Prevention is better than cure, and the mark of a truly resilient community is one that is prepared and equipped to deal with eventualities before they occur, rather than developing a strategy in the midst of a disaster


In times of crisis, it is imperative that the correct information is available immediately in a shareable manner to enable the most appropriate urgent action. Real time data, along with trusted and authoritative location data, is crucial to achieving that.


Geospatial data is particularly effective in planning for and responding to changing environments and disaster events, it also has a very significant role to play in enabling regions and people to build back better, more resilient infrastructure.

Geospatial data is the key ingredient in building more resilient nations. Its potential to provide insight is virtually limitless. 

To maximise your geospatial data opportunities is not simply about having the largest quantity of data available, it is about the quality of that data, and the ease with which it is shared with those who need it. It must be de-siloed, and highly interoperable for it to be the golden thread that is required between different agencies, both in the public and private sectors.

OS has the unique capabilities and vast experience of creating and managing geospatial data that puts it at the very forefront of helping nations collect, visualise, contextualise, and analyse their data to create the resilience they want to see in their societies.

Geospatial insights can build resilient societies

Geospatial data helps predict and prevent crises - both caused by natural disasters and human conflict. It's vital we build resilient societies.

Mapping monkeypox: Location data and pandemics in the wake of COVID-19

Location data has offered real time tracking of the monkeypox virus to provide one of the most comprehensive pictures of the spread of a virus anywhere, ever.

Building resilience to respond to extreme weather events

Resilience to major weather events is a global challenge, with natural disasters generating significant financial impact as well as immense risk to life.