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See a brighter future: meet your sustainable development goals

Use geospatial data to put sustainable development measures in place and help protect your people, the planet and prosperity.

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Monitor, predict and prevent environmental degradation, including deforestation

Provide food security, giving people access to safe and nutritious food

Prepare for and respond quickly to national disasters, and manage crises efficiently

Tackling climate change

Climate change is the greatest challenge that humanity will face in the 21st century. It‘s a geographic problem and solving it will take a geographic solution.
Thanks to the advancement of geospatial technologies, it’s now faster, easier, and more cost effective to monitor and manage environmental changes. Location data is key in the fight against climate change and meeting sustainable development goals.
For in-depth geospatial insights, download our report, 'See your sustainable future'.

See how other countries are using geospatial data to create a sustainable future

Monitoring UAE natural environments with Earth Observation data

We worked closely with Deimos Space UK and Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre to help Dubai automate its production of geospatial information so it can monitor climate change from satellites.

Geospatial roadmap helps Abu Dhabi meet environmental objectives

We worked with Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi to produce a detailed geospatial roadmap to help decision makers capture, maintain, and analyse environmental information.

Helping Guyana achieve its sustainable development goals and capabilities

We created an action plan, identified stakeholders, and implemented training to help Guyana manage its national geodetic position network and achieve its sustainable development goals.

Mapping nature – climate change resilience and managing deforestation in Indonesia

Head of the Geospatial Information Agency of Indonesia explains the country's environmental sustainability challenges when tackling natural disasters and climate change.