Improved efficiency with new land information system in Anguilla

OS provided support in the assessment and design of an improved Land Information System for the Department of Lands and Surveys for the Caribbean island of Anguilla.

The Department of Lands and Surveys (DLS) operates a registered land administration system for the Caribbean island of Anguilla.

The DLS places a huge emphasis on both accuracy and efficiency, making sure its stakeholders have complete confidence and satisfaction – a process with location data at its heart.

The DLS needed to modernise their manual systems to maximise accuracy and efficiency, streamline costs, and enable better data sharing opportunities, for both the government and Anguilla’s citizens.


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Using a manual system was costing the DLS time, money and resources, because it relied on paper-based records and maintaining Access and Excel spreadsheets for data entry into a partially computerised database.

The manual system also created duplication and was slow to update, which meant records weren’t always accurate or up to date.

Modernising the DLS’s approach – transforming their manual system to a digital one – also needed to include land rights, restrictions and responsibilities, such as data security and privacy.

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As a delivery partner to Trimble, OS provided support in the assessment and design of the Land Information System for the DLS.

The new LIS, configured on Trimble’s Landfolio® web-enabled platform, provides for secure recording and facilitation of all land-based transactions – including electronic registration, surveying, conveyancing and archiving.

The LIS also gave the DLS capacity for 3Dcadastre – to capture and convert the existing geodetic reference system and projections.

OS participated in Trimble’s workshops with key stakeholders to assist in the determination of the requirements and design for the new system Land Information System.


The new system creates and maintains data digitally, replacing paper records to improve accessibility, data security and resilience. This maximises efficiency throughout the DLS, saving time, costs and resources.

The new LIS improves tracking of applications through all stages of registration processes, enhances workflow management and the integration of GIS – supporting every aspect of the service DLS provides to customers. Utilising information from relevant organisations, such as the Land Registry further improves DLS’s products and services.

By working in partnership with Trimble and OS, the DLS improves data sharing across government, and for the citizens of Anguilla while enhancing the efficiency, accuracy and economic value of the data it holds.

"Implementing a new Land Information System with the support of Ordnance Survey improves efficiency throughout the Department of Land and Surveys and passes this benefit on to the citizens of Anguilla."

Jill Urban-Karr, Project Director, Trimble

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