OS Partner Marketing Scheme

Helping channel partners to market and sell OS products more effectively and generate more revenue

Enhanced marketing support and resources

Our Channel marketing scheme is designed to help generate more revenue for organisations, by helping channel partners market and sell OS products effectively. This creates a win-win relationship between OS and its channel partners.

Partners will receive the support of OS’ marketing expertise through our marketing tools and campaigns: Partner-led lead generation campaigns, designed alongside dedicated marketing teams. Our Market Development Fund (MDF) gives OS Channel Partners the opportunity to leverage funding, to increase brand awareness and drive sales of their products.

Partners will have access to a range of on-demand generation schemes, pre-packaged marketing campaigns, and self-service co-brandable campaigns.

As a result, Partners will be equipped with the latest know-how on acquiring new customers through lead generation activity.

Our scheme will provide

  • Template-based asset creation for lead generation campaigns 

  • Financial and operational support for marketing campaigns  

  • Personalised sales presentations 

  • Access to Marketing Development Fund

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Further details about the marketing scheme

How will the Partner marketing scheme support me?

Redeveloped Partner Finder

The recently redeveloped Partner Finder gives clearer access to our Partner network by providing easy- to -use filtering based on what a customer is trying to do, what sector they are from, and what product(s) or family of products they are interested in.

Making OS experts available to you

We will continue to support Partners’ marketing activities by offering sales and subject matter experts for events, and trade shows.

Marketing Development Fund

Strategic and Premium tier Partners will have access to a proposal-based marketing development fund. Based on a range of qualifying criteria, funds will be awarded in collaboration with a Partner’s marketing team with pre-agreed ROI targets.

Explore the marketing modules

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