“We need that incredible level of accuracy – we just have to have it.” Safely exploring Snowdonia National Park

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Towering peaks and breath-taking valleys help attract nearly four million explorers to Snowdonia National Park each year, with many expected to visit this summer.

Content and brand manager for the park, Dafyyd Owain, reflects on the park’s duty of care in promoting the paths – making sure they’re safe so people can enjoy getting outside.

"When people go out to the countryside, we recommend OS maps. So, it just made sense that we use OS mapping on our digital platforms as well."

Dafyyd Owain, Content and Brand Manager, Snowdonia National Park

The Snowdonia National Park Authority customise OS Vector Tile API to provide user-friendly online mapping, giving explorers a head start when planning their adventures.

"We couldn’t really do it with another kind of platform. Only OS gives us that kind of rich of data."

Dafyyd Owain, Content and Brand Manager, Snowdonia National Park

The park accesses OS expertise via the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA) which supports public sector organisations with the data they need to serve their communities. Through the OS Data Hub and mapping APIs the National Park team accessed and worked with the detailed and accurate mapping data and tools to deliver their online services.

Find out more about the PSGA.

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