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Address data

Our address data is quality assured by GeoPlace and contains the most extensive and accurate information available

Ordnance Survey are market leaders when it comes to address data. We combine Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF) data with local authority data and append Ordnance Survey’s expertise, matching each property to a Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) to add real insights to the data. Confidently harness the power of geographical data with Ordnance Survey’s AddressBase products. We provide the data to our network of Partners who are perfectly positioned to provide you with a solution that fits your business need.


Find a Partner with the solution to your problem

Granular address detail

Our data gives intelligence about an address with an extensive range of data points at individual property level


Easily integrated

Our address data is designed to integrate with existing systems, including websites, CRMs and more


Regular data refresh

Get up to date and accurate addressing data refreshed weekly to ensure your business is ahead of the curve

Flexible uses

Wide range of uses, from accessing customer address data to improving online conversion rates


Improved processes

Get instant address validation to reduce order reprocessing, postal correction charges and more


Prevents fraud

Quickly validate addresses through our API to prevent fraudulent transactions and regulate online activity

Our Address Data Options

We offer various addressing data products within our AddressBase portfolio, each with different levels of data insights to understand location and property life cycles. Our network of Licensed Partners provide a range of services, from integration to data processing, so you can make the most out of our data with the support of the right Partner.


Our first AddressBase product, providing comprehensive location data. | Attributes: Royal Mail postal addresses, where matched to a UPRN; coordinates for each address. | Designed for: Start-up

AddressBase Core

Our most recent AddressBase offering simple plug and play usage. | Attributes: Address, coordinates for each address, classification (type of address),OS MasterMap Topography layer TOIDS, UDPRNs where matched to Royal Mail address, single line address, ONS GSS codes. | Designed for: Start-up

AddressBase Plus

Get enhanced data with local authority addresses & TOID references. | Attributes: Local authority Bs7666 addresses; Royal Mail postal addresses, where matched to a UPRN; coordinates for each address; objects without postal addresses, addresses with multiple occupants, OS MasterMap Topography Layer and OS Mastermap Highways Network TOIDs. | Designed for: Business

AddressBase Premium

Our flagship address product offering address lifecycle information. | Attributes: Pre-build addresses; historic addresses; alternative addresses; OS MasterMap Topography and OS Mastermap Highways Network TOIDs; objects without postal addresses; addresses with multiple occupants; local authority BS7666 addresses; Royal Mail addresses, where matched to a UPRN; coordinates for each address, multi-lingual addresses (Welsh and Gaelic). | Designed for: Enterprise

What AddressBase can do for you

Address data for websites

Integrate our AddressBase products with your website to increase ecommerce conversion rates, enable detailed geographical search and so much more. From autofilling users address data which increases conversion rates to providing searchable maps, we help you to create a website that users will love.

Desktop address data

Boost your internal processes with data matching and verification from the world's most reliable data sets with an incredibly extensive range of attributes. From verifying applicant’s addresses to cross referencing specific location data to prevent fraud, our data gives your business the confidence to act on authoritative data.

Our Partners create software and solutions using our AddressBase data which make the data accessible to you and your business

Our Partners don’t just supply you with our data, they give you the benefit of years of engagement with OS on product and data development, making the most of our data, and they are in the best position to help address your business needs, regardless of your budget. Get in touch or find a Partner today.

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