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The MAGIC map of Natural England

Using Ordnance Survey (OS) mapping, Landmark Solutions created an online portal to help the 2,000 people who visit Natural England's MAGIC website each day.


Using Ordnance Survey (OS) mapping, Landmark Solutions created an online portal to help the 2,000 people who visit Natural England's MAGIC website each day.

MAGIC helps visitors use datasets on rural, urban, coastal and marine geography. The website continues to develop its offer, bringing together ever more diverse data from across the country. This case study tells the story of how MAGIC came to be.

The logistical challenges

For the MAGIC website to be successful, it first had to address the following key challenges:

  • To build a portal for more than 300 national environmental datasets.
  • To develop a range of easy to use geospatial tools and functions, allowing users to view and interact with the data (across both marine and land territories). 

The solution

Using OS mapping, Landmark Solutions created an online portal, with multiple themes covering all the variety of datasets. Datasets are grouped into logical themes and are updated monthly from a wide range of government sources.

"MAGIC is easy to use and has all the information needed for environmental planning. With OS’s mapping freely available through the PSMA, MAGIC is highly economic and efficient. As MAGIC continues to evolve and improve, we’re seeing more and more users visit the site, and tell us it’s doing a great job."
Natural England.

MAGIC has been running since 2002 and continues to evolve, with the addition of new data, and improved functions. It’s a partnership between Natural England, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), the Marine Management Organisation, the Environment Agency, English Heritage and the Forestry Commission.

The benefits

  • MAGIC’s users continue to grow in number, with as many as 11 million map images viewed each month. It’s a quick and responsive platform, powered by the cloud.
  • With OS’s base and detailed mapping supplied free via the PSMA, MAGIC is a cost-effective solution.

Users have access to a wealth of data to inform environmental management. Recent uses for the data have included Preliminary Environmental Appraisals, Flood Defence Schemes and the Environmental Inception Report (EIR) – Highways Scheme

From 1 April 2020, the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA), was superseded by the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA).

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