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Commercial mapping for financial services

Use Ordnance Survey data to improve underwriting, price more accurately, reduce claims and identify risk.

Map flood risk and underwrite accurate policies with OS geospatial data. It also helps to improve customer experience and identify fraudulent claims quickly.

See insurance claim hotspots so that you can identify fraudulent applications with financial mapping. Our addressing data helps you mitigate risk and realise how it will impact on valuation.

Use commercial gis map data to minimise risky business loans. Verify addresses and flag hot-spot fraudulent areas to prevent fraud.



How OS data can help

Identify flood risk properties

One in six properties across the country are at risk of flooding. Underwrite accurate policies with detailed geospatial data on individual properties.

Detect fraud quickly

Every day, insurers uncover hundreds of insurance fraud cases, worth millions. OS geospatial data can give you confidence when lending.

Manage mortgage risk

Minimise risk and prevent mortgage fraud by better understanding the geography around a property.

Minimise risky business loans

Feel confident with risk when decisions are based on accurate and current geospatial data from OS.

How organisations are using our data

GIS improves Wiltshire flood management

Wiltshire have combined local knowledge with Ordnance Survey mapping to analyse local flood impacts and risks in Dauntsey Parish.

Protecting the City of York from flooding

York City Council’s flood team can record, share and visualise information on a hand-held device thanks to Ordnance Survey mapping and ESRI

Products to help you

OS MasterMap Topography Layer

OS MasterMap Topography Layer® is the most detailed and accurate view of Great Britain's landscape – from roads to fields, to buildings and trees, fences, paths and more.


AddressBase® matches 29 million Royal Mail postal address to unique property reference numbers (UPRN), bringing a geographical dimension to the matched records.

OS MasterMap Roads

OS MasterMap® Highways Network is the most complete, detailed and accurate navigable road network dataset for Great Britain. It records the dimensions and accessibility of roads.

OS MasterMap Water Network Layer

OS MasterMap Water Network Layer offers one of the world’s most detailed, heighted water networks, showing the flow and precise course of every river, stream, lake and canal in Great Britain.