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Land and property mapping

Use Ordnance Survey geospatial data to map, manage and monitor land and property.

Receive detailed information about every address in your property portfolio. When you can visualise map data from the comfort of your own desk, you'll lower costs, and save time and resource.

Carry out thorough analysis on a potential development site and discover how easy it is to find potential new sites your competitors may not have identified.

Access large-scale data in CAD compatible formats with help from our partners. Plan, design and oversee projects efficiently from pre-application stage right through to completion.

How OS data can help

Manage assets and risk

OS data gives you detailed information about every address in your property portfolio. From exact location to size, type and property boundaries.

Analyse potential new sites

Use our data when you need to carry out thorough analysis on a potential development site. What type of land would you be building on? Is it in a flood risk area? What buildings surround a site and are connections to roads good?

Plan, design and collaborate

Our partners can give you the data and tools you need to access large-scale data in CAD compatible formats, and help with property development, location analytics, BIM workflow and incorporating third party data to understand risk.

Clarify addressing queries

When facing a particularly challenging economic climate, our up-to-date gis map data can help you clarify individual addresses and boundary queries so often raised in property searches.

How organsiations are using our data

Using GIS to plan for housing growth

Ordnance Survey mapping enabled a local council to build an accurate picture of sites, which could be redeveloped for housing.

Saving time and money with online planning

North Somerset Council is saving both time and money – by guiding planning applicants using their online mapping tool.

GIS helps Teignbridge Council cut costs

By automating their Local Land Charges search process using GIS, Teignbridge district council were able to cut costs by £60,000.

Products to help you

OS MasterMap Building Height Attribute

Shows building height properties to help manage assets, plan works and visualise urban density.

Points of interest

The most comprehensive, location-based directory of all public and privately-owned businesses, education and leisure services in Britain.

OS Terrain 5

Detailed digital terrain model of Great Britain. It is available as a grid of heighted points and contours, both at five-metre intervals.

OS MasterMap Highways Network - Roads

The most complete, detailed and accurate navigable road network dataset for Great Britain. It records the dimensions and accessibility of roads.