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Retail data mapping

Are you planning a new store? Do you find accurate delivery planning a challenge? Ordnance Survey partners can help to make this easier.

Maximise reach within your market and go beyond postcodes to locate your customers. Reduce re-delivery costs with accurate addressing information and retain customers with the most accurate, up to date information about their location.

Gain an advantage by finding out about new store openings as early as the planning permission stage, through our AddressBase Premium. New builds and multi-occupancy buildings could be your route to growth.

You can reduce checkout abandon rates by making the purchase as easy as possible. Don’t lose customers due to any address entry issues.

Reach 3 million more customers

Stay ahead of your competition. Imagine the opportunities you'll have when you're able to contact, reach and provide a consistently great customer experience to people who live in properties that other retailers struggle to locate.

Eliminate £1billion re-delivery costs

"In the UK 12% of deliveries fail first time, costing the industry an estimated £1billion in re-deliveries." Accurate addressing information can help you to reduce these failures, making your deliveries more efficient and more profitable.

Make your customers happier

"Customers have such a low patience threshold for address entry that 61% would abandon their purchase if they encountered issues when entering their address details." PCA Predict

Personalisation is the key

"Personalisation will be the key differentiator in the retailing of the future." World Retail Congress. Personalisation through local-based offers, or strong customer information goes a long way to making your customers feel valued, as they receive offers that are targeted to their specific location, property type, and proximity to services.

Poor service could lose 52% of your customers

Accenture research showed that 52% customers have switched companies due to poor service. You don’t need to accept this risk. You can retain customers and maintain customer loyalty by ensuring you have the most accurate, up to date information about your customers – linked by their location through your CRM.

Find the perfect site that makes the biggest impact

Good location planning can make or break a business. Our data can help you find the best location for your store through to-the-day updated information on surrounding points of interest, potential competitors, consumer footfall and much more.