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Mapping for commercial transport and streetworks

Easily schedule utility streetworks and manage logistic operations with our up-to-date, accurate location information.

Know roads inside-out to reduce delivery times and increase delivery rates. Once you know the roads inside out, you can get from A to B faster, meaning higher delivery rates.

Accurately predict how many deliveries you will get through in one day. Navigate every new road, one-way street, ferry link and footpath without a problem.

Manage streetworks efficiently, with minimal public disruption. When you know every detail about a road including road markings, drainage systems and bus stops, you can plan exactly where to work, minimising errors.

Increase number of deliveries

Our data gives you confidence in sending your drivers out to the correct address, knowing they can navigate every new road, one-way street, vehicle-based restriction, banned turn, ferry link, subway and pedestrian footpath, first time.

Plan streetworks efficiently

Our data helps you plan and manage streetworks efficiently, with minimal public disruption. It’s great for utility companies.

How organisations are using our data

Managing London's transport infrastructure with OS data

Ordnance Survey’s detailed MasterMap has been used to help keep London’s busy transport network moving.

Mapping website makes traffic data more accessible

A new in-house website provides a source of traffic data to the public whilst delivering cost savings for the Department of Transport.

Products to help you

AddressBase Premium

Our flagship address database, AddressBase® Premium gives you up to date, accurate information about addresses, properties and land areas.

OS MasterMap Highways Network - Roads

OS MasterMap® Highways Network is the most complete, detailed and accurate routable road network dataset for Great Britain. It records the dimensions and accessibility of roads.

OS MasterMap Highways Network with speed data

Helping you plan routes, analyse traffic information and optimise journeys.