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OS OpenData support

OS OpenData are a set of free digital maps of Great Britain, available for anyone to use, for any purpose.

Getting started

Find out how to get started using OS OpenData - our free to use digital map data. You'll need GIS software to get the most from it.

Getting started guide (PDF)

View examples of our products including OS Open Zoomstack and OS Open Greenspace. Our getting started guide tells you how to use our mapping data.

More free map data

We also offer a wide range of commercial products which you can develop, test and include in your applications. And we're opening up our OS MasterMap data for businesses and developers to use.

OS OpenData masterclass (PDF)

This masterclass is intended as an introduction to OS OpenData products, and how to use them in an open‑source GIS.

Working with raster datasets

Datasets including 1:250 000 Scale Colour Raster, MiniScale and OS VectorMap District are supplied as raster. If you want to view more than one tile, you'll need GIS software to geo-reference them. You'll need positioning information which is supplied in the data folder with your order and should be stored in the map data files directory.

Working with vector datasets

OS Open Map - Local, OS Open Names, OS Open Rivers, OS Open Roads, Boundary-Line, OS Terrain 50, OS VectorMap District and Strategi are supplied as vectors. You will need GIS software to work with this data. You can download open source software (such as Quantum GIS) to use our data.

Working with common format datasets

Code-Point Open (CSV) and 1:50 000 Scale Gazetteer (ASCII text, Colon separated) are both common format datasets. Data in these common formats can be looked at using a number of packages including Microsoft Excel. To unlock the real potential of these datasets, you'll need specialist GIS software, such as Quantum GIS.