Zoopla & the UPRN

Leading property portal, Zoopla, help their customers find homes with more than a million viewable properties, and reliable house price estimates

As a key player in the property sector, Zoopla are invested in discovering and implementing new ways of improving their data quality; anything which might help reduce fall-throughs, speed up conveyancing, smooth the sales processes, and ultimately, optimise their services.


  • Hometrack
  • AddressBase Premium
  • OS Open UPRN


Antje Bustamante, Director of Data and Analytics Zoopla, has described the organisation’s previous model of using a property ID. The ‘Zoopla ID’ would rely on the property’s postcode; however, this method was not without its share of challenges, particularly when it came to address matching and especially without access to authoritative data.

While postcodes are valuable, and a longstanding piece of infrastructure, there remains opportunity for an even more granular level of geography.


Zoopla moved to the use of Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRNs) - a numeric identifier, up to 12 digits in length, that relates to a single addressable location. This can be a house, a single flat in a block, or even a power substation or a bus stop.

Zoopla invested heavily in UPRNs, both for its own purposes and Hometrack (also part of the Zoopla Property Group), to improve property data by harnessing the AddressBase Premium as its core database. Zoopla have commented that the use of UPRNs, and having that robust and accurate addressing system in place, can enable accurate links between properties and their owners; as well as anyone else involved in the property lifecycle (lenders, agents, conveyancers) to reduce time and optimise the purchasing process.


By optimising the completion process, Zoopla can provide a smoother service to their customers, and focus on the near-term benefits to property searches. In short, Zoopla’s dedication helps users have a better chance of choosing the home that is right for them; and move in, in less time.

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"The use of UPRNs, and having that robust and accurate addressing system in place, can enable accurate links between properties and their owners"


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  • Hometrack

    Hometrack is redefining the mortgage journey for lenders, brokers and consumers. Through expertise, data science, automation, and listening to customer needs. For faster, safer, cost-effective risk decisions with full agility and control.

  • AddressBase Premium

    An addressing gazetteer offering full lifecycle information of a property that can be used within geographical information systems & database systems.

  • OS Open UPRN

    An open dataset enabling linking, sharing and visualisation of data related to UPRNs.