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International geospatial consultancy and services

Discover how you can improve your country’s geospatial capabilities.

Geospatial information is changing nations for the better; helping monitor environmental changes, prepare for disasters, create sustainable solutions and build thriving cities and communities - some economies have seen growth of up to 1.2% GDP after improving their geospatial information capability.

Get the latest geospatial insights

See the value of Africa's land

Find out how geospatial data can help you establish land rights to fuel socio-economic growth and achieve a more sustainable and equal nation

See a sustainable future

Climate change, environmental degradation, food security, and poverty are all key challenges we face. Geospatial data is vital in helping solve these challenges.

See your city thrive

Discover how geospatial data can help you overcome urban poverty and build fair, prosperous and sustainable cities.

See your nation's geospatial potential

Geospatial data can help you grow your economy, respond to climate and culture change, and turn threat into opportunity.

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Our international services

We use our geospatial mapping and consultancy expertise to help countries all over the world improve their geospatial capabilities. Discover how we can help your nation grow to its full potential.

Meet our international team

Our international team of experts have years of global experience between them. Get to know our experts who are here to help you build your geospatial capability and increase your capacity.

Our work takes us around the globe, helping countries where it matters most

Monitoring natural environments with Earth Observation data

Helping Dubai identify climate change by virtually monitoring palm trees through Satellite Earth Observation data and artificial intelligence.

Transforming building information modelling data systems for Singapore

Creating a transformation engine for Singapore’s building information modelling data, for easier access and data integration.

Creating a base map to underpin Malta’s national data model

A new topographic base map enables Malta to plan for future spatial needs, supporting the development of new government policies, and encouraging economic and digital growth.

We're a leading member of global geospatial governance

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