Supporting NHS England’s rollout of the vaccine with our Partner, Basemap

Using OS road data and speed data from Basemap, we gave NHS England more accurate journey times from population centres to proposed vaccination sites

Public Health England reported in June that the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine has prevented up to 7.9 million infections and up to 28,000 deaths in England.

With almost 50 million adults in England needing two doses of the vaccine, the programme needed comprehensive analytical input and a place-based approach to work.

To deliver the vaccine as fast and efficiently as possible, NHS England set up over 2,000 vaccination sites in familiar and convenient community locations, including pop-up sites at venues – from cathedrals, mosques and football stadiums, to double decker buses, leisure centres and hotels.


  • Basemap Limited
  • OS MasterMap Highways Network - Roads


NHS England needed to identify and prioritise potential vaccination sites. These sites needed to be chosen carefully to ensure comprehensive geographic coverage and meet the logistical challenges involved in the rollout. For example, the Pfizer vaccine needs to be kept at minus 70 degrees centigrade or colder, which requires special storage.

The Government’s priority list for the rollout of the vaccine was predominantly dictated by age and vulnerability, so NHS England needed to know how far people would have to travel to their nearest vaccination site, and that they were accessible by public transport.

To meet the Government’s target of offering all over-18s in England a first vaccine dose by 19 July, time was critical. It was imperative to use accurate and reliable data to ensure high quality analysis.


OS Partner, Basemap, is a specialist provider of digital mapping, travel time analysis and transport data solutions. Combining OS MasterMap Highways Network road data with Basemap’s bidirectional average speed data gave NHS England the tailored, detailed data they needed to identify much more accurate journey times from population centres to proposed vaccination site locations.

Basemap’s average speed data is collected from in-vehicle GPSes throughout the day, and linked to OS road network data, it provides average speed data for both sides of the road. Having this enhanced level of data was crucial, as factors like direction of travel can make a big difference to journey times, especially during busy periods where people are travelling to work or school.

NHS England was able to calculate contours of travel time bands to visually represent travel times and the number of people who lived within those bands. This meant they could identify how many people could reach each proposed vaccination site, and how access could be ensured for those who couldn’t.


Our partnership with Basemap has enabled NHS England to draw on our combined expertise and specialist data to cross-check local plans and identify potential gaps and overlaps in the vaccine rollout – to support efficiency and allocate resource where it’s needed most.

By including demographic data and local information in their analysis, NHS could also identity which sites were better suited to different population groups, with delivering vaccines in familiar and convenient places a key element in building trust.

"Basemap’s support allowed the combination of real average speed data with OS Highways which meant we had much more trust in the results. This ensured quick and accurate reports that supported better decisions being made about the rollout."

Head of Forecasting, NHS England, Robert Shaw

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  • Basemap Limited

    Established in 2000, Basemap Limited is a specialist provider of digital mapping, travel time analysis and transport data solutions to both the private and public sector.

  • OS MasterMap Highways Network - Roads

    A navigable road network dataset with detailed information about planned roads and roads under construction for Great Britain.