About Ordnance Survey International

Unlocking the power of accurate location information.

All countries rely on high-quality geographic data to support sustainable development. Information about location and place connects governments, businesses and individuals to their physical environment. Location underpins:

  • Effective government and policy-making.
  • National and federal economic growth.
  • Safe, secure and sustainable local communities.
  • National infrastructures.
  • The protection of assets and resources.

More than ever before, countries must be geospatially-ready and fit-for-the-future. Governments and businesses around the world are quickly recognising this need for change.

Ordnance Survey International is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ordnance Survey (OS) – Britain’s mapping agency. Respected around the world, OS has been on its own journey for change in its 224-year history. New uses for its data have emerged and the market has grown significantly, with government and businesses using OS products to save tens of millions of pounds.

At Ordnance Survey International we can help make OS products, services and data more accessible, ranging from strategy formulation to geospatial data capture, to product development and marketing. Sharing the lessons learnt from an enterprise-wide investment programme in people, processes and technology, we help other organisations benefit from accurate geographic information (GI) and its multi-million pound potential.

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Supporting our customers

We have developed a collaborative approach to working, helping our customers benefit from:

  • The successful corporate strategy of OS
  • Opportunities for structured knowledge sharing
  • Methodology which reflects proven practice, delivers measurable benefits and encourages sustainability
  • Vendor, product and technology-neutrality

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Examples of how we can help our customers:

Ordnance Survey has a reputation as a world leader of geographical information, developed from their strong performance as the national mapping agency for Great Britain.

— Vince Cable MP, Former Business Secretary of State for Business
Developing strategy and policy

- Developing national location strategies

- Formulating organisational strategy and policy

- Advising on different business models

- Helping to develop pricing and licensing frameworks

- Establishing corporate governance structures

- Helping to establish cross-organisational collective agreements

- Helping to define and communicate the value of geospatial information

- Supporting employee capability development

Developing technical capacity and capability

- Assessing geospatial maturity

- Developing organisational maturity roadmaps

- Establishing geospatial data as a core component of Smart Cities

- Identifying and using open geospatial standards

- Developing bespoke 3D data models

- Advising on data capture, management and maintenance

- Developing data capture specifications

- Supporting the creation of national CORS networks

Developing organisational efficiency

- Implementing data quality improvement programmes and supporting accreditation to ISO19158 ‘Quality Assurance of Data Supply’ standard

- Optimising operational and business processes and establishing effective supply chains

- Supplier development and rationalisation

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