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Creating strategy and vision for overseas national mapping agencies

Survey & Land Registration Bureau (SLRB) is the national authority which organises, registers and documents all survey activities (including base mapping, boundary and hydrographic) as well as property transactions in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

In a move to grow its geospatial capacity and capability, it drew upon the corporate strategy of Ordnance Survey (OS) through OS International, resulting in a new transformation programme for SLRB.

What were the challenges?

  • Establishing SLRB as the definitive geospatial provider in the region.
  • Putting positive, sustainable and tangible change into action.
  • Introducing a strategic vision for delivering and embedding long-term business growth.
  • Fitting into the Bahrain 2030 Economic Vision and meeting the needs of stakeholders.
  • Identifying and justifying investment requirements and budget submissions.

What was the solution?

We worked collaboratively with SLRB and their stakeholders to:

  • Establish the existing strategic position.
  • Engage with and encourage stakeholders to share their expectations of SLRB for the future.
  • Analyse SLRB’s role as a geospatial data provider, a government organisation and a catalyst for developing national economic growth.
  • Ensure the new vision and strategy weren’t developed in isolation – continually engaging stakeholders in the transformation programme.
"Ordnance Survey has a reputation as a world leader of geographical information, developed from their strong performance as the national mapping agency for Great Britain. Ordnance Survey has a well-defined strategy in providing their customers with accurate and efficient services, and a strong track record of working collaboratively with partners."
Vince Cable MP, British Secretary of State for Business

What was the outcome?

  • In March 2014 a new vision and suite of critical success factors were agreed for SLRB.
  • Senior leaders were provided with the building blocks required to grow their geospatial and land administration capability and capacity.
  • In July 2014, work concluded with the creation of a strategic roadmap which provided SLRB with a practical tool to implement their new vision and strategy.

What are the benefits?

Our support:

  • Provides a platform from which SLRB can make changes to their organisational structure and culture.
  • Allows for collaborative working which ensures the new strategy is comprehensive, considered and sustainable across Bahrain.
  • Formally establishes the role and remit of SLRB in Government.

How we can help you

To find out more about our consultancy and support internationally, please contact us at internationalenquiries@os.uk or call +44 (0) 3456 05 05 05.

We can also offer a geospatial maturity assessment to help you understand how mature your organisation is and where you need to be.

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