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Location-based data provides a mine of information for Ethiopia

The Ethiopian government taps into international geospatial expertise to support economic growth and ensure a prosperous future.

Ethiopia is a country looking to expand and maximise its land use. There’s potential to tap further into its extraction industry (mining metals, minerals and aggregates) to support economic growth.

But with a population set to double* within 25 years, the need to utilise land effectively in Ethiopia has never been stronger. OS International provided the experience and expertise to illustrate how a national location strategy – within the context of the extractive market – can benefit an expanding nation.

What were the challenges?

  • To raise awareness of the key environmental, land, health and safety and social governance issues linked to extractive operations.
  • To address potential policy and regulatory problems with location-based solutions.
  • To illustrate how effective governance can help attract investors and promote economic growth.
  • To define the surveying frameworks, source data for mapping, technology, policies, standards and skills required for the extractive industries.
  • To ensure that reliable information about land boundaries and ownership is available for the people of Ethiopia and investors.
  • To consider the Ethiopian population of 74 million is expected to double in less than 25 years.

What was the solution?

OS International led an interactive workshop for delegates from a number of African Ministries to explain how the effective use of accurate geospatial information could benefit the extractives industry.

The project was funded by Investment Facility for Utilising UK Specialist Expertise (IFUSE), an initiative which helps the UK government share specialist skills and expertise with governments in developing nations.

What was the outcome?

  • Practical benefit for delegates – with 99% agreeing the workshop increased their knowledge of the use of geospatial information within the extractives industry.
  • Raised awareness of how accurate information about land boundaries and ownership and effective governance could attract overseas investment and for the benefit of local people.
  • Delegates learned about the economic and societal benefits of a national location strategy.
  • Further opportunities were identified for short-term, targeted technical assistance from UK government into African institutions.

How can we help you?

OS International provides consultancy services in a wide range of areas including data modelling, strategy and vision, geomaturity assessments, GIS roadmaps and providing support for major national events.

To find out more, please contact:
or call +44 (0)3456 050505.

We can also offer a geospatial maturity assessment to help you understand how mature your organisation is and where you need to be.

*National Office of Population – Ethiopia

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