International case studies

We help countries across the world to become geospatially-ready and fit-for-the-future.

Improving data collection and management in Tanzania and Zanzibar

We assessed the current geospatial capability of mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar and subsequent training requirements and made recommendations enabling development and implementation of spatial data infrastructure policy to support public service.

Data collection case study

Developing policy with Oman's NSA

We created the content for the Oman Geospatial Manual as well as building and delivering the technical infrastructure for its publication.

Developing policy case study

Supporting Rwanda’s operations

We did a scoping study to provide RNRA with strategic advice for updating and maintaining their geospatial information.

Supporting operations case study

Developing a 3D data model in Singapore

GovTech asked Ordnance Survey International for expert advice about creating data specifications, and a product flowline and process to generate CityGML-compliant data.

3D model case study

Helping Dubai become smarter

We helped Dubai to develop a strategy showing how to create world‑class smart geospatial solutions.

Smart Dubai case study

Supporting Norway's Mapping Authority

We helped Kartverket integrate its land and sea divisions and increase uptake of its mapping data across the nation.

Mapping Norway case study

Monitoring natural & urban environments

OS and Deimos Space UK worked with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre in Dubai to automate the production of geospatial information from satellite EO.

Auto change detection case study

Defining Kosovo's geospatial IT strategy

We helped Kosovo Cadastral Agency prepare for the next generation of mapping.

Kosovo case study

Improving Philippines' mapping capability

We helped the Philippines to optimise its GPS active network performance to enhance geospatial infrastructure.

Philippines case study

Supporting major events

We share the importance of geospatial location so that other nations can support large-scale events.

Major events case study

Developing strategy and vision

Discover how we developed a new strategic vision to support geospatial capacity and capability growth.

Developing strategy case study

Delivering open standards training

Explore our approach to knowledge sharing and training to help realise the power of open standards.

Open standards case study

Creating a 3D data model

Learn how we created a 3D geospatial data model to improve data sharing and decision making.

Data sharing case study

Safeguarding the environment

Find out how we used geospatial support to help protect the environment for future generations.

Environmental case study

Improving map generalisation

Find out how the Brazilian Army is improving map generalisation to prepare for the 2016 Olympics.

Improving map generalisation case study

Creating a mine of information

Ethiopia taps into our international geospatial expertise to support economic growth and ensure a prosperous future.

Ethiopia case study

Assessing geospatial maturity

We undertook a Geospatial Maturity Assessment of NSA to see how it specifies, collects, manages, distributes, uses and continually improves its geospatial data.

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We are delighted with the relationship between SLRB and Ordnance Survey International and we look forward to developing our partnership over the next five years and into the future. We recognise fully the economic value that geospatial information brings to the Kingdom of Bahrain and this agreement with Ordnance Survey International will offer us an opportunity to learn from the world’s leading national mapping authority.

— His Excellency Shaikh Salman Bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, President of Survey and Land Registration Bureau (SLRB) of the Kingdom of Bahrain, October 2013

View open standards 3D data showing buildings, roads and underground utility assets, using Bahrain's National 3D model with CityGML.

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OSI case study front cover

'Running a safe and secure national event'

In this case study we explain how Ordnance Survey provided location information and intelligence to meet the needs of the 2012 Olympics.

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