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Helping customers understand the use of open standards within spatial data models

Survey and Land Registration Bureau (SLRB) is a government organisation responsible for all survey activities (including base mapping, boundary and hydrographic) and registering properties in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

3D data showing buildings, roads and underground utility assets in Bahrain

Following their new 3D-enabled national spatial data model for SLRB, we delivered a specialist training programme to maximise SLRB’s investment and understanding of the model – focussing on open standards in a geospatial context.

What was the challenge?

In November 2013, we created the first 3D-enabled national spatial data model for the Kingdom of Bahrain using Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC®) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) industry standards.

These open standards provide SLRB and its stakeholders with a consistent, standardised and shared view of location information.

To ensure sustainable use of the new data, SLRB needed to understand the core geospatial data modelling concepts employed by us, to build the model.

"We are delighted with the relationship between SLRB and Ordnance Survey International and we look forward to developing our partnership over the next five years and into the future. We recognise fully the economic value that geospatial information brings to the Kingdom of Bahrain and this agreement with Ordnance Survey International will offer us an opportunity to learn from the world’s leading national mapping authority."
His Excellency Shaikh Salman Bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, President of SLRB Bahrain

What was the solution?

We delivered a specialist tailored training programme to SLRB on the key international standards relevant to their new national data model which helped the understanding of:

  • Data-sharing among stakeholders.
  • Attributes and benefits of specific open standards.
  • How open standards can be deployed effectively in a national mapping context.
  • Manipulating and developing the new data model without dependency on us at OSI.

What were the benefits?

Our support:

  • Developed sustainable skills in data modelling through a structured knowledge transfer and coaching programme.
  • Provided direct access to globally-recognised experts in the application of open standards in a national mapping context.
  • Provided opportunities to develop and practice new skills directly aligned to the new 3D-enabled national spatial data model.
  • Maximised the benefits of SLRB’s investment in the creation of a new data model.

The partnership between us at OS International and SLRB was strengthened further when a five-year framework agreement was signed on 30 October 2013, providing the opportunity for both organisations to work collaboratively on a number of future projects. The first of these projects was to create a new vison and strategy for SLRB.

How we can help you

To find out more about our consultancy and support internationally, please contact us at internationalenquiries@os.uk or call +44 (0) 3456 05 05 05.

We can also offer a geospatial maturity assessment to help you understand how mature your organisation is and where you need to be.

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