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Geospatial Maturity Assessment

Geospatial data infrastructure is the building block for sustainable development. Location and place information connects governments, businesses, and individuals to their physical environment. Ordnance Survey International helps its customers develop 21st Century geospatial capability.

The Geospatial Maturity Assessment will:

- Explore how your organisation is collecting, managing and using geospatial information.
- Review data management, technology requirements, operational processes, and people.
- Help you understand how mature your organisation is and how mature you need to be.

We’re already helping Oman, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain.

Review service

Choose our Review service and we’ll spend a day within your organisation reviewing operational and geospatial capabilities, with structured interviews with key personnel.

We’ll report on your geospatial maturity, plot how you’re doing against all maturity level criteria, and set the benchmark for future advancements in your geospatial capabilities.

Roadmap service

Choose our Roadmap service and we’ll do all this, plus undertake in-depth stakeholder analysis, environmental and customer research to see how mature you are against where your markets need you to be.

We’ll use this to set out a detailed investment roadmap, highlighting the priority areas for where resources should be directed. We’ll give you a business case for this investment, setting out costs and ROI.

Independent review
Review geospatial and operational capabilities
Radar plot of maturity levels
Full report of findings
Review of stakeholder, environmental and customer audiences
Radar plot comparing organisation capabilities against stakeholder, environment, and customer needs
Investment roadmap
Outline business case

Coming soon: Online Geospatial Maturity Assessment

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