Our international knowledge

A world leader in managing geospatial data, we help to set industry standards. So as you transform your mapping organisation or adopt smart city technology, rely on our advice.

Smart cities

We help international governments overcome the challenges of geospatial data management to enable land based information to be used to best effect.

Getting smart

Data collection, management and analysis

We collect changes to natural, manmade and administrative landscapes daily, and in a variety of ways. This data is relied upon by millions – including government, utilities and the private sector.

Dealing with data


Using accepted industry standards is crucial in the geographic information (GI) arena to communicate and exchange geospatial information.

International standards

Data accreditation (ISO19158)

Quality sits at the heart of Ordnance Survey’s brand and operations. ISO accreditation provides the formal recognition of operating according to international standards.

Data accreditation