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Today, about 54% of the world’s population lives in cities, and this number is set to grow fast over the coming decades. Finding affordable housing, creating more efficient transport systems, and generating jobs are key challenges for the politicians and administrators of cities around the world.

Future quality of life for residents relies on the best use of a city’s resources. We need to think smart, to provide longevity to city living through the urban innovation which is Smart Cities.

Up-to-date and accurate land information is at the core of essential services in any modern country. In Great Britain, detailed and current geospatial data is available to more than 3,500 government agencies, from ministries to local councils, and underpins many services these agencies provide.

In the UK, geospatial data and technology helps government organisations become smarter, collaborate better, reduce costs and improve services. Data, including geographic data, is frequently exchanged and shared between agencies, letting them operate in a smarter way.

Through our consultancy services we help international governments overcome the challenges of geospatial data management to enable land based information to be used to best effect.

The use of open standards helps government agencies work together, and makes geospatial information efficient in any country. The exchange and re-use of information, and a common understanding of data between government agencies, is defined by a data model for geospatial information.

In the Kingdom of Bahrain this data model, developed by OS International, allows a variety of land based data to be integrated into one central information resource.

This data could include buildings; property boundaries, roads, street furniture urban planning, and underground utility information from different agencies. It’s the basis for a variety of smart cities and smart nations applications and services.

Through the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) and dedicated consultancy, OS has helped government agencies to increase the value generated from high quality geographic data.

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