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Geospatial Ideas. Shared.

19 June 2018 - Can geospatial data improve infrastructure?
In this webinar we discuss harnessing a digital version of your infrastructure asset portfolio and using geospatial data and technologies, to provide insight into how your assets behave. We cover approaches in Asia and elsewhere. And we highlight how today's data can give owners and operators a clear competitive advantage, enabling you to discover patterns that wouldn’t have been visible before.

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21 June 2018 - Transforming land administration
As the pressure on land resources intensifies - especially in expanding urban areas - the land administration systems need to accommodate an increasing number of rights, restrictions and responsibilities. This is to facilitate decisions that will support sustainable development. Here we discuss how to respond to changes and look at the opportunities available, considering their long-term impact.

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21 February 2018 - The importance of GeoDataViz
Our GeoDataViz team discuss how effective visualisation enables you to communicate information in new and compelling ways. We look at the benefits of data visualisation and explore some of the tools and resources available.

27 March 2018 - Geo-Immersive Reality: A virtual escape into mapping
Our second webinar on GIR looks at two projects our Research team is exploring. One project is a GIS-based educational game based on the 'escape rooms' concept, using the Oculus Rift. The other is looking at virtual exhibition space oriented around a floor map.

24 April 2018 - Deep learning: Going deeper
In a rapidly changing commercial environment, mapping agencies need to build approaches that can respond quickly to customers’ changing needs - current and future. Here we look at AI and machine-to-machine learning techniques that national mapping agencies could use.

11 December 2017 - Give infrastructure assets a competitive advantage
We explore how OS data and services can help you to plan better, analyse your customers, and react to real-world change. We look at postcode density modelling, fibre route optimisation, clutter modelling, and 5G planning and point clouds.

23 November 2017 - Drive innovation and guide investment
Our Principal Geospatial Consultant at OS explores geospatial and operational maturity, helping you to better manage your business operations and guide future investment to maximise opportunities and diffuse threats.

31 October 2017 - Geo-Immersive Reality
Our reality team show how they're innovating with the concept of Geo-Immersive Reality (GIR) - visualising and interacting with geo-referenced data through augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) experiences.

2 October 2017 - Detail matters: 5G in the 3D world
We explore why it's vital to have a detailed understanding of the built and natural environment to support the rollout of 5G at frequency greater than 6GHz.

18 July 2017 - How smart is your city?
We explore how location data is being used to create Smart environments and enable citizens through the development of collaborative Smart City solutions. CityVerve is a demonstrator project for IoT technology, which uses OS’s advanced geospatial data to underpin Smart City solutions.

22 June 2017 - The importance of a unified addressing system
In this webinar, we explored what makes for a good addressing system, the benefits it can bring, and some of the issues to consider in implementing one. We also looked at some of the different types of systems that are being used.

16 May 2017 - Geospatial data and services
OS's Spatial Data Expert & Adviser, Carsten, explores the evolving need for location data in smart environments and how data sharing, standards and interoperability are key.

25 Apr 2017 - Social economic benefits of geospatial data
We look at some of the challenges faced by national mapping, geospatial & SDI organisations, the sectors that are harnessing Geospatial Information and the benefit to high to low income nations.

27 Mar 2017 - Inspiring geospatial innovation
Geovation is an open innovation network and challenge platform for geospatial ideas. Hear how it supports start-ups, to encourage the use of location data.

21 Feb 2017 - A spatially connected government
Now, more than ever before, big businesses, government ministers and policy officials are seeing the power of location.

1 Feb 2017 - Point Cloud
Point Cloud data is a group of unconnected points representing a 3D environment. Use it to identify line of sight, signal propagation, to help with city planning, navigation, data classification, visualisation and seeing inside buildings.

1 Feb 2017 - Point Cloud demos
Watch a short demo to see the level of detail captured.

We will also be exploring...

  • Geospatial maturity and how it affects your organisation
  • Aerial imagery and UAVs at OS
  • Updates from the Ultimate Reality team
  • Geodata visualisation showcase
  • Blockchain systems and incentivisation for geo
  • Auto-change detection and 3D generalisation
  • GeoBIM – the importance of geodata in Building Information Modelling