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Geospatial Ideas. Shared.

Point Cloud: The future of mapping

1 Feb 2017.
Point Cloud data is a group of unconnected points representing a 3D environment. You can use it to identify line of sight, signal propagation, to help with city planning, navigation, data classification and general visualisation. You can capture data of inside buildings, too.

Point Cloud demos, 1 Feb 2017.
Watch a short demo to see the level of detail captured.

A spatially connected government, 21 Feb 2017.
Now, more than ever before, big businesses, government ministers and policy officials are seeing the power of location.


We will also be talking about...

  • How geospatially mature is your organisation?

  • Using geospatial data in defence and security

  • Standards – sharing location information across government

  • ResilienceDirect – a more resilient UK

  • CityVerve – the UK's Smart City

  • GeoBIM – the importance of geospatial data in Building Information Modelling

  • Smart – planning a 5G network

  • Connected and autonomous vehicles

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