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ICT Contracts (FOI221110)

This Freedom of Information request asks for details of Ordnance Survey's ICT contracts

Request for information - Ref No: FOI221110


Thank you for your email of 12 October 2022, requesting information from Ordnance Survey in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 2000, as set out in the extract below:

This is a request for information that relates to the organisation’s contracts around ICT contract(s) for Server Hardware Maintenance, Server Virtualisation Licenses and Maintenance and Storage Area Network (SAN) Maintenance/Support, which may include:

  • Server Hardware Maintenance- contracts relating to the support and maintenance of the organisation’s physical servers.
  • Virtualisation Maintenance/Support/ Licensing (VMware, Solaris, Unix, Linux, Windows Server)
  • Storage Area Network Maintenance/Support (EMC, NetApp etc)

For each of the type of contract described above, please can you provide me with the following data. If there is more than one contract, please split the information for each separate supplier this includes annual spend:

  1. Contract Title: Please provide me with the contract title.
  2. Type of Contracts (ABOVE): Please can you provide me with one or more contract types the contract relate to: Server Hardware, Virtualisation, SAN (Storage Area Network)
  3. Existing/Current Supplier: Please provide me with the supplier’s name for each contract.
  4. Brand: Please state the brand of hardware or software
  5. Operating System / Software (Platform): (Windows, Linux, Unix, vSphere, AIX, Solaris etc.) Please state the operating system used by the organisation.
  6. Annual Average Spend: Please provide me with the most recent annual spend for this contract?
  7. Contract Duration: (Please can you also include notes if the contract includes any contract Extension periods.)
  8. Contract Expiry Date: Please can you provide me with the date of when the contract expires.
  9. Contract Review Date: (An approximate date of when the organisation is planning to review this particular contract.)
  10. Purchase of Servers: Could you please provide me with the month and year in which most/bulk of servers were purchased.
  11. Number of Physical Server: Please can you provide me with the number of physical servers.
  12. Number of Virtual Servers: Please can you provide me with the number of Virtual servers’ servers.
  13. Brief Contract Description: I require a brief description of the service provided under this contract. Please do not just put maintenance. I need at least a sentence.
  14. Contract Owner: (The person from within the organisation that is responsible for reviewing and renewing this particular contract. Please include their full name, job title, direct contact number and direct email address.)

Our response

I confirm that Ordnance Survey does hold the information you have requested.

A copy of the information, which can be disclosed, is supplied in the attached spreadsheet.

Where the information is exempt from disclosure this is stated below.

In relation to question 14 the job title for the contract owner is Procurement Category Manager.

Exempt Information

We consider the full name and direct contact number and email address of the person responsible for the contract to be exempt from disclosure under section 40(2) (personal information) of the FOI Act, as the information constitutes personal data.

Section 40(2) provides that personal data is exempt information if one of the conditions set out in section 40(3) is satisfied. In our view, disclosure of this information would breach the data protection principles contained in the General Data Protection Regulations and Data Protection Act 2018.

In reaching this decision, we have particularly considered:

  • the reasonable expectations of the employees: given their positions, Ordnance Survey considered that none of the individuals would have a reasonable expectation that their personal data would be disclosed;
  • the consequences of disclosure; and
  • any legitimate public interest in disclosure.

Section 40(2) is an absolute exemption and therefore not subject to the public interest test.

However, under the duty to provide information and assistance in accordance with section 16 of FOIA, we can provide the following information which may assist you in this matter.

You can find out information in relation to our procurement process on our website in our procurement pages, where there is also a ‘contact us’ form. Alternatively, you can contact us by telephone via our Customer Service centre on 03456 05 05 05

Internal review

Your enquiry has been processed according to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 2000. If you are unhappy with our response, you may request an internal review with our Internal Review Officer by contacting them, within two months of receipt of our final response to your Freedom of Information (FOI) request, as follows:

Internal Review Officer
Customer Service Centre
Ordnance Survey
Adanac Drive
SO16 0AS

Contact us via our FoI form

Please include the reference number above. You may request an internal review where you believe Ordnance Survey has:

  • Failed to respond to your request within the time limits (normally 20 working days)
  • Failed to tell you whether or not we hold the information
  • Failed to provide the information you have requested
  • Failed to explain the reasons for refusing a request
  • Failed to correctly apply an exemption or exception

The Internal Review Officer will not have been involved in the original decision. They will conduct an independent internal review and will inform you of the outcome of the review normally within 20 working days, but exceptionally within 40 days, in line with the Information Commissioner’s guidance.

The Internal Review Officer will either: uphold the original decision, provide an additional explanation of the exemption/s applied or release further information, if it is considered appropriate to do so.

Appeal to Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)
If, following the outcome of the internal review you remain unhappy with our response, you may raise an appeal, within three months of receiving our response, with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Further information can be found on the ICO website ( under ‘Report a concern’ or you may wish to call the ICO helpline on 0303 123 1113.