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1Spatial technology provides the foundations for location spatial data management, enabling customers to achieve consistent and measurable data quality, health checks driving data trust and governance agendas. 

1Spatial is a UK-based company with over 50 years’ experience in data quality technology with offices in the UK, Ireland, Australia, France, Belgium and the US.

Its rules-based approach to capturing, validating, and managing spatial big data enables customers to process and analyse information in a way that traditional technologies do not.

1Spatial has a worldwide portfolio of customers and are specialist providers to National Mapping and Cadastral agencies, government, defence and utilities organisations. In the UK, 1Spatial work with customers such as Northern Gas Networks, Environment Agency, United Utilities, Network Rail, Greater London Authority, Ordnance Survey Ireland, LPS, UKHO and British Transport Police, to meet complex data management requirements.

How they can help you

The core of 1Spatial’s innovative rules-based software tools is 1Integrate. Sitting at the heart of an organisation’s data stores, 1Integrate performs routine data validation, error fix up and new data interference. 1Integate sits can be augmented by a unique self-service data quality portal, 1DataGateway, that provides real time quality, compliance and performance metrics giving customers and also their suppliers the ability to undertake data health checks and audits.

For larger data rich organisations such as national mapping agencies, 1Integrate is deployed with an end-to-end data workflow called 1Spatial Management Suite (1SMS). This consists of a number of software products that can either be deployed independently or together providing a highly efficient and effective solution to consistently plan, maintain and publish data, whilst also automating production workflows. 1SMS enables organisations to:

  • Harness the rich intelligence of Ordnance Survey data.
  • Infer new data from multiple sources to improve the quality and completeness of data.
  • Rapidly respond to real-world change ensuring data is always current, accurate and trusted.
  • Increase productivity and reduce operational costs by adopting automated data management and quality assurance workflows

1Spatial delivers solutions that focus on creating consistently high-quality foundation geospatial data and persistently ensuring maximum levels of data trust, integrity and governance across its data estates.  

1Spatial primarily provides Location Data Management solutions to the following sectors:

  • Environment
  • Public Safety
  • Defence and National Security
  • National Mapping Systems
  • Property & Housing
  • Utilities & Energy
  • Transport & Infrastructure

1Spatial serves customers of all sizes which typically have complex or heterogenous data sources. They tend to be data driven businesses which have services or products that are reliant on accuracy and quality of their data repositories.

1Spatial’s services range from short term consultancy engagements and training of around £1,000, through to entry level FME desktop software at approximately £2,500, up to bespoke 1DataGateway and 1SMS data authoring and governance deployments, with data health check, migration and cleanse services of up to £10 million.


"1Spatial’s involvement has helped us meet our performance targets and move towards our goal of becoming an increasingly digital and data-driven organisation"
Rupert Waite, Rural Payments Agency, Geographic Information, Technology, Strategy and Policy Manager
"Auto-generalisation ensures that all states can deliver data in the same structure and to the same quality for the customer."
Dr Dietrich Schürer, Head of the ATKIS Generalisation Technical Committee, AdV
"1Spatial brings its tool sets and expertise but it also brings a lot of domain knowledge to the project. 1Spatial consultants know how to interpret the underlying data in such products as Ordnance Survey MasterMap."
John Daniels, Data Delivery Lead, United Utilities