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Meet the partner


Addresscloud provides software services to locate and describe addresses with rooftop-level accuracy. The company can help your business decision-making with geocoding, data enrichment and risk analysis.

Addresscloud provides cloud-hosted software services built on open and premium data from the Ordnance Survey and other market-leading partners. It offers a fast, accurate and cost-effective geocoding service for the UK and Ireland using powerful APIs and intuitive applications that are easy to use and easy to integrate. Highly scalable serverless platforms and deep industry knowledge mean that Addresscloud is trusted by a range of organisations across the insurance, lending, surveying, and logistics industries.

How they can help you

Addresscloud solutions include:

  • Addresscloud Match API – a high precision geocoding service covering the UK and Ireland. Perfect for both interactive and batch use cases including typeahead and reverse geocoding.
  • Addresscloud Intelligence API – lightning-fast address analytics including high quality property attributes for more than 98% of residential and commercial properties together with a full geographic risk assessment using data from OS and leading providers including JBA, the BGS, Land Registry and EPC
  • Addresscloud Maps – a rich visualisation tool for viewing location geographic risk including flood, fire, subsidence and crime supporting OS Zoomstack mapping, perfect for insurers and surveyors

Addresscloud is ideally suited to serving the insurance, lending, surveying, and logistics industries.  Addresscloud services are also available to public sector organisations via the government G-Cloud marketplace.

The company works with start-ups through to global corporations. Prices start at £500 for 10,000 geocoding transactions. Enterprise can range from £10,000 anywhere up to £1m depending on the services and data required.


"We have utilised Addresscloud’s powerful API Platform to revolutionise our digital trading capability launching a full cycle end to end platform. Using geocoding data delivered by Addresscloud, risk locations and our exposures of any size can be covered within an instant."
Alan Brett, Product Development Lead at Inperio
"Addresscloud have been a pleasure to work with. Their willingness, ability and agility together with the quality of the data they provide mean they have been integral to our ambition of transforming Commercial Insurance."
Jacqueline McNamee, CEO, C-Quence