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Addresscloud provides software services to geocode and describe addresses with rooftop accuracy using high quality data from our market-leading partners.

Our rich APIs and intuitive applications help organisations understand more about their customers to reduce risk and make better decisions. Addresscloud’s innovative, highly-scalable cloud platform and deep industry knowledge are trusted by businesses from start-ups to global corporations and we have a range of flexible pricing options to suit any budget.

Partner solutions

Addresscloud helps organisations to better understand their customers and evaluate risk. Our simple to use interfaces can match even the poorest quality address to rooftop level. By combining OS AddressBase Premium, Islands and Eircode data we provide full coverage of the British Isles through our Match API.

Our Intelligence API works with premium commercial as well as open data providers including; Ordnance Survey, JBA, Environment Agency, Land Registry and BGS to deliver a full geographic assessment in less than a second. From flood risk to subsidence, number of bedrooms, property age, construction type, property value and more, Addresscloud can power multiple use cases.

We help insurance companies reduce quotation times, improve underwriting and pricing, drive operational efficiency and reduce claims. In the logistics market our property level coordinates help plan customer deliveries and in the finance sector future climate change scenarios can increase lenders' understanding of their existing mortgage book portfolio risk.