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AFD’s highly experienced teams are specialists in address and location validation and cleansing solutions.

For over 37 years, we have helped thousands of organisations overcome their challenges by listening to their specific pains and providing the right solutions. From enterprise-level systems validating millions of addresses through to start-ups online checkouts, our solutions are delivering real outcomes by processing billions of requests each year.

If you have challenges around contact and location data accuracy, get in touch and discuss with one of our highly experienced consultants who can best advise the right solution. We look forward to becoming your organisations partner in data quality.


Address validation and cleansing: Using the best available sources, AFD’s validation and cleansing tools help ensure address data is accurate and in the correct format. Address accuracy saves time and money. It is the backbone of excellent service, customer retention, duplicate prevention, analysis, enhanced reputation and more profitable business performance.

Geolocation lookup: Identifying the closest delivery address to your current location by harnessing the GPS in your computer or mobile device, allows accurate address information to be entered with one touch or button press.

Property level geocoding: Deliveries failing due to drivers struggling to find the right delivery address? Latitude and longitude coordinates at property level shows the pinpoint location of an address.

Property classification: Knowing the property classification e.g. commercial, office, residential, allows logistics companies to better plan deliveries. If a driver will reach an address with a commercial classification at 7pm there is a higher chance the delivery will fail and have to be rearranged.

Routing: Accurate addressing is essential for organisations in the logistics and distribution sector as it keeps costs down and helps the environment through reduced journeys. Matching a customer to a validated address with property level grids minimises failed deliveries and wasting driver time.