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Meet the partner

Aligned Assets

Aligned Assets is a leading provider of address data solutions, helping organisations across a range of sectors consume, share, integrate and match the most up-to-date address data available.

Aligned Assets is a leading provider of Ordnance Survey’s AddressBase Premium, working with more than 100 local authorities and over half the emergency services in Great Britain, as well as utilities and other public sector bodies. In recent years, the company has also extended its reach outside of GB, playing a pivotal role in street naming and numbering in Ghana.

Aligned Assets’ cutting-edge address data solutions range from high-speed matching and cleansing, to sub-second, predictive searching, as well as solutions for managing and sharing address data with any team or operational system.

As a customer-centred organisation, much of Aligned Asset’s product development is driven by the feedback and changing needs of its customers – continually refining its products to help organisations save staff time through ease of reporting and maximising automated processes.

How they can help you

Aligned Assets provides address data solutions that deliver the enriched AddressBase Premium dataset, ensuring address accuracy across whole organisations. The solutions can be seamlessly integrated with any other operational systems, allowing consistent, accurate address data to be shared and consumed organisation-wide. Rich with automated features, these solutions drive efficiency as well as provide address accuracy. All address data solutions can be hosted on site or in the cloud.

The company can also supercharge its core solutions to further enrich the AddressBase Premium dataset, enabling critical location-based information to be stored centrally against the address. It also offers matching and cleansing of an organisation’s address data against AddressBase Premium.

Solutions for emergency services include Bluelight, with bespoke features including uploading of local streets that are of interest but not present on the national dataset, as well as local intelligence and risk data which can be visualised in augmented reality on a smart device in the field.

Utilities companies can benefit from solutions that provide absolute confidence that all divisions of the utility have one true address – ensuring accurate billing and deployment for repairs and maintenance, as well as greater detection of fraud.

For local authorities, it provides specialist solutions for creating and managing their Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) and Local Streets Gazetteer (LSG), as well as street naming and numbering.

In addition to address data solutions, Aligned Assets provides consultancy services, training and support.

Aligned Assets works with Local authorities, Emergency services, Utilities, SMEs.

Most Aligned Assets customers are large and complex organisations, such as emergency services, utilities and local authorities.


"Using Aligned Assets’ AddressBase Premium gazetteer, Bluelight, which allows 6-weekly updates, has greatly reduced the time and effort spent manually processing records, therefore allowing us to spread our resources across the department in a more efficient manner."
Richard Moss, Interim GIS Manager at British Transport Police
"We worked with Aligned Assets on the development of FindMyAddress and it was a great experience. We embraced a truly collaborative approach and worked closely on all aspects of the project from its initial design all the way through to go-live. The Aligned Assets team hit the project with high energy, momentum and enthusiasm and were extremely responsive throughout – it’s been a great pleasure working with them."
Luke Studden, GeoPlace