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Allies is a leading UK provider of postcode lookup and address validation technology. Since 1987, we've helped thousands of organisations to improve the quality of their data.

Our AddressBase and PAF solutions are straightforward to integrate into websites, desktop applications and mobile apps, and are ideal for use by employees and members of the general public alike.

Partner solutions

PostCoder Web is an AddressBase Premium web service API designed and hosted by Allies.

Launched in 2005, PostCoder Web now handles over a million lookups every week and is trusted by many hundreds of organisations in the public and private sector.

  • Address matching - search by postcode or part of an address and return all of the matching addresses.
  • UPRN lookup - retrieve all of the information associated with a Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN).
  • Geo search - locate properties and points of interest within range of a position or within a bounding box.
  • Hybrid search - supports searches on PAF (updated daily) enriched with AddressBase data.