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Meet the partner

Allies Computing

Allies is a leading UK provider of address and location technology with over 30 years’ experience. It provides the tools and support to leverage OS data across your organisation.

Over 9,000 businesses use Allies’ address lookup and validation technology to enhance their data quality and improve user experience when capturing addresses from customers.

The company has also been 100% employee-owned since 2015, after more than a decade of growing employee ownership. Its employees are customer-centric, dedicated to helping you get the best out of our technology.

How they can help you

The company specialises in addressing solutions: insights, cleansing, and lookup services. An OS partner since 2014, Allies has significant experience and expertise with the AddressBase product family, from data licensing to the data itself.

The technology is powered by Allies’ own purpose-built, high-precision data platform, which incorporates the latest OS data including AddressBase Premium and AddressBase Core. Its core solutions include:

  • Postcoder: the API for address lookup using AddressBase. Postcoder can be used to access the latest OS data with a simple and secure API

  • Property and address data for Great Britain using AddressBase. Power your database or campaign with a regular supply of OS data that meets your precise requirements

Allies works with customers in a diverse range of industries including ecommerce, retail, and logistics, with particular experience providing addressing solutions to businesses across insurance, land and property, and utilities.

Allies works with all scales of organisation – companies large and small have trusted Allies with their data quality since 1987. The cost of services is entirely dependent on the number of addresses or lookups required – prices start from £25 for 250 lookups, in addition to OS licensing fees. Larger volumes provide better value. For example, £2,680 for 100,000 lookups, increasing to tens of thousands for millions of lookups.


"Allies help us maintain a level of service that is always there for our 120,000 business customers."
"17% increase in conversion and a streamlined checkout process; we are delighted with the results."
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"2x faster checkout times - Postcoder has literally transformed our checkout."