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Anquet has been providing digital mapping solutions to outdoor enthusiasts, search and rescue, educational establishments and businesses for over 10 years. Outdoor Map Navigator (OMN) is our latest digital map system, which currently runs on PC’s, iPhones®/iPads® and Android® phones/tablets.

OMN PC also integrates with most GPS units for the transfer of data. OMN utilises Anquet Cloud, which is our cloud-based server system that stores and synchronises user maps and routes across devices. At Anquet we develop all of our software and manage the continual development of our products.

Partner solutions

We offer the following services:

  • Supply mapping to business customers by direct download within our free and easy to use OMN PC software.
  • Supply multi-seat installations of our systems for businesses, educational establishments, search and rescue, military and local government customers.
  • Provide full training and support packages.
  • Provide bespoke development work based on our systems.
  • Supply bespoke tracking solutions.
  • Our line of sight tool can shade visible areas from a point or a route by use of height data and can be used in such environments as sighting radio masts, wind turbines, or defining viewable areas from an aeroplane.