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Apogee Data Consulting formed in 2004 following the restructuring of a major broadcasting corporation. This generated a niche service requirement in the market for mapping and analysis surrounding the implementation of digital television broadcasting. The company evolved from this niche and identified the need for specialist geospatial analysis within numerous organisations.

Involved in a number of projects, Apogee have enabled companies to improve efficiencies and identify potential customers for their services. Apogee has worked with companies from the major broadcasting corporations to specialist independent marketing companies.

Partner solutions

Bespoke data manipulation is our specialty. Whether you require pure Ordnance Survey data or need it combined with your own data or other data for specific needs, then we are able to do it. Only need a sub-set of data? Then we are the partner for you. As a small independent company we are able to adapt our data service to meet the needs of a wide range of clients in a timely and affordable fashion.

If you can’t find your exact requirements on our website, contact us as we are always willing to work out solutions, tailored to a clients specific needs. Our GIS consultants understand data, the different formats required and the potential uses for various GIS solutions.